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Instant Apps

Instant apps are the small preview cards which can answer some special search queries. They save you an extra click when you're looking for something instantly.

Search queries like "define farrago", "time in germany", "video to gif" can and should be "answered" instantly. You should not have to click on a website and navigate it around while closing a series of popups or looking at "your phone has virus" ads.


currency instant appjson formatter instant app
dictionary instant apptimer instant app

Check out available instant apps.

Key features#

  • Open Source - all instant apps are free and open source.
  • Platform - anyone can create a new app, including you.
  • Private apps (coming soon) - create and use apps just for yourself.


How are Instant Apps different from Google featured snippets?

Instant Apps are very similar to Google's featured snippets, except

  • Google doesn't let you create them, and they'll probably never do so. Source
  • They can not be customized - you can't disable some or opt-in for apps which can show you custom results just for you.
How are Instant Apps different from DuckDuckGo's instant answer?

DuckDuckGo used to host a similar platform called DuckDuckHack. 1500+ of contributors wrote 250,000 lines of code, however the platform is no longer accepting new contributions since 2017.

Also, all the DDG instant answers had to be written in Perl, which is the third most dreaded language in the world. Source