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Instant Apps Hackathon

Problem Statement#

Create awesome Open Source Instant Apps at

Instant apps are the small preview cards which can answer some special search queries. They save you an extra click when you're looking for something instantly.

Search queries like "define farrago", "time in germany", "video to gif" can and should be "answered" instantly. You should not have to click on a website and navigate it around while closing a series of popups or looking at "your phone has virus" ads.


Use this Google Form to sign up for the hackathon and receive important announcements about the hackathon.

Judging criteria#

Quantity and the Quality of instant apps you create.


  • 1st - INR 5000
  • 2nd - INR 3000
  • 3rd - INR 2000


The event will run for 48 hours.

It will start with webinar and Q&A on Friday 15th October. It will end with demos and closing notes on Sunday 17th October. Sign up on the Google Form to receive the calendar invites.


Find us on Discord. You can also email us at [email protected]

We are super happy to support you in all the ways - so, feel free to reach out and ask us any questions! If you need to ping someone, we are @hargup, @sahil-shubham, @OrkoHunter on the Discord server. We'll appreciate open conversations on #general more than DMs, as it can help others as well - but feel free to DM us as well.

Participation criteria#

Anyone can participate.


Leave a comment on this GitHub issue to make a submission.


Where do I even begin?#

Do the contributions I make during hacktoberfest (outside the hackathon dates) count?#

  • No. Only the Pull Requests made during the hackathon period (15-17 October) will count.

Can I pick up existing issues in the repository and work on them or do I have to think about new instant app ideas?#

  • Yes - you can work on existing issues. Do make sure to comment and say you are working on an issue to avoid submission of multiple pull requests. However, we do encourage thinking of new Instant Apps which could benefit your search experience. :)