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What are we building? #

We are building, Felvin, a radically powerful way for people to find information. We are doing it by converting everything you see on search engines into a plugin.

  • In Felvin, 3rd parties can add search plugin for any usecase they seem fit. The users find information from any of the 100s of search plugins though a unified interface. Even your regular websearch is a plugin in Felvin!
  • The instant answer thing which you see on Google/Bing is a customizable plugin. We call them "Snippet Apps". Third parties can write their own snippet apps, and submit them in our app store and the world can see it.

Search is the most convenient way to distribute information. AND Search is the most convenient way to distribute apps. Though the numbers and kind of apps/information you find in Google/Bing is still limited by the bandwidth, capacity and motivation of these companies, we can do much better!